Traumatic Nerve Pain

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Shooting , Burning, Tingling.
No matter how you describe
nerve pain, it hurts!

Sometimes surgery, an injury or an accident can result in chronic nerve pain. Nerve pain is often described as a shooting, burning or stabbing sensation. Some of the incidents that can result in this type of nerve pain include:

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Still feeling chronic pain from your injury after surgery?

If an accident, trauma, or surgery has resulted in nerve pain,
please consider participating in this clinical research study.

Our clinic is conducting a clinical research study to examine the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication in reducing chronic nerve pain when compared with placebo (inactive substance).

You may be qualified to participate if you have had six or more months of chronic nerve pain as the result of a trauma and are over the age of 18.

Involvement would be for around 17 weeks and include up to 7 visits to our clinic.

To find out more, please contact us at the number below. Our study team is ready to answer your questions. Participation in the case study is completely voluntary and you will not be obliged to take part just by contacting us.

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