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American Medical Research (AMR) conducts Phase I-IV Clinical Trials at AMR and AMR Affiliated Sites for Pharmaceutical Companies, Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s), Biotechnology Companies, and Other Research Organizations mainly in the Greater Chicago, Illinois area.

Our mission at AMR is to improve the quality of life of our patients by providing ethical and high quality medical  research in a respectful and compassionate manner, close to the patient's home.

American Medical Research (AMR) has a dedicated team of highly qualified researchers, with over 16 years of clinical trials experience in both academic and non-academic settings. Our diverse team consist of Psychiatrists, Multi-Specialty Physicians, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Nutritionists, Social Workers, Clinical Research Coordinators, and other support staff. Our staff has extensive experience in conducting safety/efficacy studies in both outpatient, and inpatient facilities.

American Medical Research (AMR) uses a comprehensive and integrated approach to patient recruitment and retention, customized to each study, by combining innovative and traditionally proven recruitment and retention strategies for rapid patient enrollment and quality data collection to generate the most efficient patient recruitment possible.

American Medical Research (AMR) has set a higher standard for conduct of clinical trials, providing high quality, efficient and innovative clinical trial experience, that exceeds the medical, scientific, and professional needs of its patients and sponsors. 

All Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, and support staff are trained and managed with a uniform set of American Medical Research (AMR) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), to ensure standard, dependable and clean data collection and regulatory documents processing. 

Our staff has extensive clinical trials experience in using Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS), and Electronic Data Capture (EDC)  technology, and are very familiar with the FDA, ICH and GCP guidelines. AMR is also in full compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations.

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